How To Join

How to join the Guild

Please contact the Secretary who will arrange for an existing member to meet you.

Probationary membership
All newcomers join the Guild as probationary members. Probationary members pay half the full membership fee (£30). As a probationary member you are able to use all Guild equipment and resources whilst under the supervision of a full member (and of course ask as many questions as you like!). You will not be able to borrow books or equipment to take home until you become a full member.

Affiliate membership
This is for people who would like to be a member of the Guild, have completed a period as a probationer but who may not be able to visit the Guild as often as they would like. Affiliates pay half the membership (£30) and can use all guild equipment and resources but cannot borrow books or equipment or vote in meetings.

Full membership
This currently costs £60 a year and entitles members to borrow books and equipment and to vote in meetings.

Monthly workshops

The monthly workshops that we hold  typically cost £10 for probationary, affiliate and full members and £20 for non members. Full members are given priority if workshop places are limited. Tea and coffee at Guild meetings is free!