Blending on a Drum carder


10:30 am - 1:30 pm


Bookings closed


Greenmeadow Community Farm
Greenforge Way, Cwmbran, NP44 5AJ
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This workshop will be led by Claire Harris, who provided the following;

The March workshop is entitled “Blending on a Drum Carder” BUT hand carders will also be needed to try out colour combinations first.
It is, in fact, possible to do all the blending activities with hand carders alone, (though not the very small, dog-comb sized ones) OR a blending board.
If you make only a small amount of something AMAZING on the day of the workshop you could always borrow a guild drum carder to make more on another day !
The guild has 2 or 3 drum carders and some hand carders that could be borrowed on the day and, as I’m heading up the workshop, I’m happy to lend someone mine 🙂.
* If you sign up for this workshop it would be useful if you could bring 1 or 2 images which contain colour combinations you love; either on your phone or cut from a magazine, calendar etc.
* Please, also bring  coloured wool tops and any other types of fibre you’d like to use.
There will be some basic colours available on the day (warm, cool and primary reds, yellows and blues and some white, black and grey as well. Small amounts of these are included in the price of the workshop. There will also be other fibres like silk, rose and pearl, available on the day to buy from the guild, which can be used as highlights.
* If you have digital scales which ‘weigh’ to the nearest whole gram, please, bring those. If you don’t have any we can share and also use the 2 that we have in the guild room.
Looking forward to creating some gorgeous batts with you on the 5th of March!!

Come along and find out how to use a drum carder to blend different types of fibres, colours etc.

Cost £10



Bookings are closed for this event.